Planning A Wedding Can Be Stressful; Solution In The Solution

Pick a date. Pick a wedding theme. Do you want modern, tropical, romantic, vintage, or rustic? This list goes on. What color scheme? Are you going to have 30 or 300 guests? Do you want cake, cupcakes, or donuts? How are you going to wear your hair? Who is going to be your maid of honor, and bridesmaids? Register for gifts. Location, is your venue that you’ve dreamed of your whole life, available? Are we having a band or DJ? Choose an officiant. You want the best photographer and videographer, start researching.

That brings me to the big picture. All you really want is for everyone to enjoy themselves, laugh, eat, make a phenomenal memory of your special day, and capture it forever. Right? Right.

You should be able to enjoy every moment of planning and making your dream wedding come true. What if I told you we could manage your stress levels and increase your energy to handle everything on your long list of to do’s.

Intravenous Fluid Therapy can not only treat stress but a multitude of other issues. The fluid can be tailored to your specific needs on a specific day. Being hydrated improves health alone. We also infuse essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream for maximum absorption that can calm the body and eliminate mood swings, irritability, and other manifestations of stress. Excessive stress can lead to exhaustion, and sickness. Some common signs of stress may include: headache, upset stomach, fatigue, high blood pressure, chest pain, difficulty sleeping, aching muscles, hives, depression, forgetfulness, and more. Stress can also affect your ability to maintain healthy relationships with your family and to be in laws. You don’t need or want that to happen.

You can receive IV fluids weekly, monthly, or as needed. You can come alone, or you can bring friends and family; it’s all about you.

You have nothing to lose but stress. So roll up your sleeve, take an hour for yourself and de-stress.

Jessica Reeder Ayala; RN

Rewind Med Spa

825 Delaware Ave; Ste 303A

Longmont, CO 80501

Cell: 515-447-7733

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