What Does PRP Stand For?

It stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. What on earth is platelet rich plasma? It is a component of your blood that promotes healing. Plasma contains proteins that support cell growth.

Treatments in a spa setting include the following:

Hair Loss Treatment: Injecting PRP into the scalp can promote hair growth and prevent further hair loss.

PRP Microneedling: First, PRP is layered on your skin. Then microchannels are made by tiny gold needles that allow the PRP to be absorbed, tightening wrinkled areas, rejuvenating your entire face, and smoothing your overall look. Discomfort is minimal and the procedure is relatively quick.

Organic Filler: Volume is restored with your own plasma. Volume can be added to glabellar lines, forehead lines, crows feet, nasolabial folds, smile lines, lip lines, and marionette lines.

How do healthcare providers collect my PRP?

  1. A professional will draw a sample of your blood.

  2. Your tube of blood will be placed in a centrifuge and spun down, causing your blood and plasma to separate.

  3. Lastly the separated plasma will be prepared for injection and injected or micro needled.

There are decreased potential side effects and decreased risk of allergic reaction by using PRP, because the plasma comes directly from your own body.

There you have it; PRP equals Platelet Rich Plasma.

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